Monday, 24 February 2014

Cyber Bullying

There needs to be more actions/laws against Cyber Bullying and Social Media Bullying. 

I have been a victim of Cyber Bullying in the past about 3 years ago and I regret ever trusting someone online as much as I did and I have to say its very difficult to overcome. 

I lived in a small town called Murrayville and I knew everyone but I didn't really talk to anyone or had many friends I will admit I was lonely. During this time I started playing a game online World of Warcraft I was hooked and thought maybe I could make a few friends on the game and I started to talk to someone in game as we talked more we exchanged phone numbers and Facebook and MSN user names. (as friends do)

We became good friends and talked about meeting in real life and a few months later just turned out to be a bully, started asking me for money and made me feel sorry for him. I did help out once with a bill as I felt I would help out a friend as friends do. I also sold my computer to him for $400.00 as I was getting a new one I was promised that id be paid back and after I had I got blocked and ignored for about a month. 

A month later I get a text saying that he was sorry. I did get my money back for the bill after arguing a lot and only got $150.00 for my computer as that was all he could afford so I didnt bother with the rest he still kept asking me and wanted more and told me that If I stopped talking to him he would find me and hurt me and my family and he had my address so I was really worried that it could happen, some nights I couldn't sleep I was worrying so much. 

So I did forgive him and then his friends started to also bully me and make jokes about me and also about having a disability saying I was dumb and that Ill always be alone with no friends. I didn't think it was that bad and I got over it.

I thought I could handle it and tried to just put it behind me, and kept staying friends but I didn't know it was affecting me I started to take my anger out on everyone around me and people told me I shouldn't be talking to him I blocked out what everyone thought. 

I got ignored for a while it went on for at least 2 years talking and not talking I didn't cope well at all I was depressed for a few months. It did affect me a lot I was hurt and never thought I could never get over it I tried my hardest to just stop talking to him the most was about 5 months and I thought I had stopped hearing from him again. 

Then I changed my mobile number and we moved to Bendigo due to us selling our family takeaway food shop after being there for 17 years, I was very excited to move it was like a whole new world opened up for me and to make friends in real life I thought I could start with a new life without ever talking to him again. 

A few months later I had been contacted on Facebook in an inbox again asking me to talk. I thought I could be safe as I had a new address and a new phone number so I forgave him once again. It lasted about 3 months. I started to notice that my mood was changing and I was going back to how I was. Then I thought I'm not going to let him ruin my new life here. 

One day I woke up and thought if I dont do it now ill be feeling depressed and now was the time to ignore him and tried my absolute hardest to just ignore him and never talk again. I did and then before I knew it my life just changed and I had a huge lot of confidence in my life everything was going great and I felt so happy Since then I am stronger and I have met and made a best friend and a lot of other friends.

I get Facebook inboxes asking for me to talk again every few months recently I got contacted again 2 weeks ago but I know if I do reply ill be back to this again. The only thing I can do is block them and ignore them. 

It hurt me alot and its something I never want to go through again and no one should ever have to put up with that. I was lucky I had my mum to talk about it to a lot of people are alone with this bullying if you are ever getting bullied never keep it to your self.